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The mental health providers at Envision Counseling Clinic offer therapy that can give our clients:

  • Relief from current struggles
  • A safe place to examine and evaluate what might have contributed to the creation of the struggles
  • Support as you change what can be changed and as you accept what needs to be accepted.

Counseling can open up possibilities for you that lead to better results. Through counseling, you can envision:

  • Lightened mood
  • More energy to focus on your passion and calling
  • Release from unrealistic expectations
  • Trust in God that plays out in your every-day life
  • Deeper connection with your spouse
  • Increased sense of peace
  • Making better decisions
  • Saving money that you would normally spend on poor coping strategies (like drinking, “retail therapy,” sex addictions, overeating, etc.)
  • And more…

The clinicians at Envision Counseling Clinic have education, training and experience in providing therapy that integrates Christian faith with the practice of psychology. This process of integration looks different for each client, ranging from a desire that the therapist simply understand the values the client holds, to incorporating scripture or prayer into therapy, and many options in between. Alternately, the clinicians are able to provide therapy that is not faith-based. It is completely up to the client to choose the type of therapy desired. Both types of therapy (faith-based and not faith-based) are provided with clinical and scientific expertise.

A Few of Our Specialties

Next Steps for New Clients

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