What’s behind the sadness?

Depression has been described as turning down emotions, like dimming down some lights. Everything feels gray…

Once our emotions are turned down, the neurotransmitters in our brain don’t respond to things we usually enjoy, and we don’t feel positive emotions either.

We feel heavy, overwhelmed, angry, crying for “no reason.” We eat different, sleep different – and in ways that actually keep the depression going. A lot of folks in the midst of a depressive episode feel a tremendous sense of guilt or worthlessness. Most people feel hopeless, and some think the best way out is to hurt themselves.

Medication can help relieve some of these symptoms, but it can’t take away the part of your life that started the depression. Prescribing doctors usually recommend therapy to address what is underlying the depression.

We help you find out what might be the root cause that is fueling the depression and then we help you find your way out. If you’d like to start taking action today then click here for some action steps.

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Providers With This Specialty

Veronica Johnson, Psy.D.
Catherine Scholz, M.Ed., LPC
Timi Schuessler, M.A., LPC
Michelle Anderson, M.A., LPC
Natalie Van Dusen, Psy.D.
Randy Reed, M.A., LPC
Shae Hocker, M.A., LPCC
Ann Stager, M.A., LPCC
Joy McGowan, M.A., LPCC
Courtney McHale, M.A., LPCC
Courtney Jacobson, Counseling Intern