How To Use Your Insurance Benefits at Envision

Since we’re not “in network” with any insurance plans, there are two ways you might be able to use your health insurance at our counseling center:

  1. We accept HSA and FSA cards for you, your spouse, or your dependent, as long as the card has a credit card logo such as Visa or MasterCard on it. There are caveats (of course!). For example, the IRS says HSA cards can only be used for “qualified medical expenses as described in Section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Service Tax Code”. We tried to figure out what that really means, but it’s not black and white… We know these cards cannot be used for marriage or family counseling, unless your therapist is treating a medical condition, such as sexual dysfunction. For individuals, if we’re treating you for something with a “diagnosis” such as depression, PTSD, or substance use then that should qualify. If you’re unsure about your specific situation then check with your tax advisor.
  2. Set aside an entire day to talk to your insurance company. (Yes – we don’t like talking to our insurance companies either!!) Ask them about your “out of network benefits for outpatient mental health” and how you would submit a claim for reimbursement. If they do say you have this benefit then we can provide you a superbill after each session – you would pay Envision in full at the time of service and then request reimbursement from your insurance company. (Note: this likely won’t work for marriage counseling and generally won’t cover the full cost of each session so be sure to ask your insurance company for details.)

Can Envision Help Navigate This Process?

Unfortunately, no… We cannot accept checks from your insurance, nor can we call your insurance company on your behalf. If you choose to submit a superbill to your insurance (for out of network benefits) then you’ll need to work out the details directly with them. Also, if our therapists aren’t able to assign you a diagnosis code, then your superbill won’t list a diagnosis and will likely be rejected.

Things To Consider When Using Insurance

There are some good reasons to NOT submit superbills to your health insurance to pay for counseling. Here are some:

  1. We are required to include a diagnosis on the superbill for a mental health disorder. If you don’t want insurance companies to know this information, then you should not use insurance to pay for mental health counseling.
  2. Out of network benefits might use a different deductible than your normal in-network benefits – be sure to ask how this works with your plan.
  3. Insurance reimbursements apply to licensed mental health workers. Some of our therapists (who do excellent work) are not licensed under the state.


The easiest way to pay for therapy at Envision Counseling Clinic is to pay with credit card, cash, check or with an HSA/FSA card (see above caveats). If you want to try and get partially reimbursed with your out of network benefits then we can provide a superbill after each session. If you can’t afford these options then we also have an intern that provides reduced-price therapy, although this may require being on a waiting list. Finally – if you must use in-network insurance (or something like Medicare/Medicaid) then there are counselors in Castle Rock or south Denver you can contact, or you can ask your health insurance company for a list of providers in your area.

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