Christian Counseling in Colorado

Many Christians are concerned that reaching out for counseling means having to let go of their faith.  A counselor or psychologist may have misunderstood the importance of their faith or even criticized their relationship with the Lord.  It is common in the field of mental health to bump up against hostility toward God.  Envision provides a safe place for Christians to find the help they need.

  • We believe that God created each of us, in His image, with a purpose and a plan.
  • We believe that sin entered the world and messed everything up – and we are keenly aware of how sin has affected our mental health and relationships.
  • We believe that God gave His Son, Jesus, to bring us back to Him so that we can experience healing and LIFE.


Bottom line:  We have hope that God brings life.

Even when we are suffering…

Even when we feel alone…

Even when we fail…

God brings life.



When a client requests Christian counseling, Envision therapists have specialized training to integrate Christian principles into therapy to take hold of the life God offers us through faith.  Integration looks different for every therapist and client, from simply sharing similar values to incorporating scripture or prayer into therapy (and many options in between).  We use clinical and scientific expertise to help pave the way for God’s power to move in your life.

Consider a couple who comes for marriage counseling.  A common technique used in marital therapy is to figure out how each spouse reacts when they feel hurt or afraid in their relationship.  Often, a marital therapist will tell the spouse they need to stop reacting in that way and choose to respond differently.  In Christian counseling at Envision, a therapist may help a couple to figure out how to connect with the Lord during those times of hurt or fear, and glean from His power to react differently to their spouse.

If a client experiences low self-worth, a typical therapist might suggest using affirmations to repeat to themselves to bolster their view of themselves.  If that client is open to Christian counseling, an Envision therapist can take advantage of all the truths given to us in Scripture about our identity in Christ, our inherent value, and God’s love for us.  We know that the truth sets us free.  (This intervention would, of course, be accompanied by many other aspects of therapy.)


We believe that God loves you and has given everything to be in relationship with you no matter where you are at.  We love to help folks get obstacles out of the way so that they can experience God’s presence and love.



You may wonder:

What if I am a Christian, but don’t fit in the “evangelical Christian box?”

Following Jesus doesn’t look the same for everyone (thank God!!).  We know that you have a relationship with the Lord and trust that your growth and healing are in God’s hands.  Although your therapist may use a treatment approach stemming from a Christian belief or perspective, your therapist will never impose her or his beliefs, values, behaviors, and/or attitudes on you.

Christian counseling is so expensive, no one takes my insurance!

This is also accurate, at least in our neck of the woods. We hope to overcome this obstacle by offering counseling interns at our Castle Rock location who provide Christian counseling at a discounted rate – often about the amount of an insurance copayment.  Our interns are also believers and have the most up-to-date training on therapy tools and techniques.


**Warning: Lawyer language** If you want Christian faith-based practices in your therapy, please let your therapist know. Otherwise, your therapist will provide therapy that does not incorporate faith-based practices.

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