Veronica Johnson, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Veronica Johnson is a Licensed Psychologist, engaging public speaker, and co-owner of Envision Counseling Clinic. As a Christian psychologist, she is able to use what we know from science to help you move forward while integrating your faith into the process (if desired). As a human being, she’s really easy to relate to. Beware though, she’s not the kind of therapist that will just help you feel better. As she gets to know you, you’ll be challenged to make some changes that will actually help you be better. With almost 25 years of general experience, Dr. Johnson can guide you in almost any struggle.

In particular, Dr. Johnson specializes in marital therapy, sexual and gender identity, psychological testing and clinical supervision.

  • No matter the state of your marriage, Dr. Johnson will get to know your relationship history and the particulars of what’s going on for both of you. You’ll feel closer during our sessions and learn how to grow that intimacy when you’re at home.
  • Dr. Johnson advises parents who are stunned by the sudden onset of gender dysphoria in their adolescent or young adult child. While the pain of the situation doesn’t go away, parents come away with a plan to move forward that respects their values and reaches out to their child.
  • There are times in our lives when we’re required to “get tested” or when we just need some clear answers. Dr. Johnson can meet the requirements of the organization you are working with and find clarity through psychological evaluations.
  • Professionals that are working toward their license need solid clinical supervision. Dr. Johnson leads LPCCs and psychologist candidates to develop more competence and confidence for their career.

Dr. Johnson obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University in 2012. During her doctoral training, she was an active research member at the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity. Her master’s degree is in Professional and Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University, and she is also an alumnus of Biola University, in Los Angeles, California. She and her husband co-founded Envision Counseling Clinic because they believe that God brings new life. They are passionate about improving mental health and strengthening relationships in our Colorado communities.

Veronica Johnson

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Status: Veronica can occasionally accept new clients.

Fee: $160/45-minute session. Testing fees: contact us for a Good Faith Estimate.

Locations: Park Meadows, Dillon, Summit County (Also: Teletherapy)

Dr. Johnson operates under the authority of the State Board of Psychologist Examiners. This board is located at 1560 Broadway, Ste 1350, Denver, CO 80202. Their number is 303-894-7800.

Call today at 720-WELCOME (720-935-2663 x101) or contact Veronica for more information.