You’ve been to rehab…Now what?

In fact, you turned your life inside out – gave up everything – to find sobriety, but recovery is still a long way off. Residential treatment was important, life changing.  But nothing feels right, nothing feels good, and yet you can’t go backward…

You need support.

Some people attend Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), but that requires 9-12 hours a week.  But most of us have to work a full-time job and can’t take off more time, especially after rehab.  At Envision, outpatient therapy addresses IOP principles covered in an format that fits with your schedule (one to two hours a week). You’ll learn:

  • to prevent relapse
  • to say no to offers of drugs or alcohol
  • to build new connections
  • to face difficult emotions in ways that don’t set your life on fire
  • to make amends and restore relationships with your people
  • to tolerate truly difficult situations and survive the moment without drugs or alcohol
  • to change problematic family dynamics

Once you discharge from rehab you are in a vulnerable position. You are attempting to change how you think, what you do with feelings, and the choices you make. You may be doing all this without your drug of choice for the first time in as long as you can remember.

You need support.

You will be going through all the “firsts” without alcohol, pot, cocaine, fentanyl…  Your first Christmas, the first anniversary of your loved one’s death, your first breakup, first birthday. All the times you used, when it was expected that you would use, you may have even been encouraged to use. You can’t do this alone.

We can support you through the process of recovery.

Call for after-care support.

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Shae Hocker, MA, LPCC