What is parent coaching?

Parenting is a challenging role for which we receive little or no training. At certain stages in child-rearing, support and coaching can be very helpful!

Common Issues addressed in parent coaching:

General Parenting Issues: Effective Limit Setting, Establishing Routines and Schedules, Planning for and Managing Transitions, Preparing your Child for a New Baby, Sibling Conflict, Separation and Divorce.

Behavioral Challenges & Changes: Power Struggles, Conflict Regulation, Separation Anxiety, Sleeping Challenges, Homework Battles, Chores.

Parenting as a Couple: Relationship Support in the Transition to Parenthood, Parenting as a Team, Effective Communication Skills.

Social World of Children: Educational Options, Social Media Issues, Navigating Peer Relationships, Bullying, Transitions to Middle school and High school.

We will work together to identify the strengths your family already has and develop strategies to address the challenges you face with your child. You don’t have to face these struggles alone!

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Resources for Parents of Teens

Providers With This Specialty

Catherine Scholz, M.Ed., LPC
Timi Schuessler, M.A., LPC
Natalie Van Dusen, Psy.D.
Darla Schmidt, M.A., LPC