Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Some of the therapists at Envision Counseling Clinic practice the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy.  The Gottman Method is centered on research-supported techniques to help you manage conflict and increase friendship and intimacy.  Gottman-trained therapists first assess your relationship to find your relationship strengths and concerns.  We then teach you skills to help you talk about things that have been hard to talk about. When couples do the work, the Gottman Method has been shown to reduce divorce rates and increase relationship satisfaction.

You will learn how to manage conflict better by

  • Replacing damaging behavior (the Four Horsemen) with better ways of relating
  • Learning gentle ways to bring up hard things
  • Getting ahold of your emotions so they don’t ruin your relationship
  • Accepting influence from your spouse
  • Talking about dreams, values, and fears.
  • Repairing the breach when conversations have gone sideways
  • Compromising

You will also learn how to build your friendship with your spouse by

  • Turning towards each other
  • Keeping each other in mind
  • Learning more effective ways to connect
  • Communicating appreciation and fondness
  • Creating practices of connection

The Gottman Method can be tailored to your specific needs so you are only focusing on what is important for your relationship.  Because this way of therapy is directed at teaching you to fish (so to speak), it doesn’t last forever!

If it sounds like this is just what your relationship needs, give us a call.

Providers With This Specialty

Natalie Van Dusen, Psy.D.

Jessica Snedker, M.A., LPC

Ann Stager, M.A., LPCC