Gender Identity Counseling

Envision therapists recognize that gender identity may not match biological sex for a variety of reasons. Clients who have this experience can explore these reasons in a safe environment. This type of counseling can help regardless of how you identify – e.g. transgendered, agendered, just plain uncomfortable in your own skin, etc.

Clients are given:

  • Grace for the state in which you find yourself. We know this was not something you chose, and we know it’s incredibly difficult to be here.
  • Space to navigate how to best manage the gender dysphoria with the least invasive methods.
  • Strategies to find a place of belonging or community who is willing and able to walk with you as you navigate the complexities of gender identity struggles.

We believe it is important to explore what has influenced gender identity in order to understand more about it before proceeding toward hormonal treatment and sexual reassignment surgery, both serious interventions. Envision therapists operate within the standards of care from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

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Providers With This Specialty

Veronica Johnson, Psy.D.
C. Paige Smith, M.A., LPC