If you suspect your child may have an intellectual or learning disability, you have already been through a lot. School is painful, homework is torture, and you haven’t seen the results you expect for all the work you are putting into helping your child. Children with intellectual challenges may require specific intervention, but they first need to be identified. Identifying a learning disability is a process of finding out what your child is capable of (measured by the WISC-V), finding out what your child is able to do (measured by the Woodcock-Johnson, Fourth Edition), and finding out if anything can be getting in the way of their learning (such as mood, behavior, and attention). Our learning disability evaluation gives detailed information on how your child may be struggling, and offers helpful advice on how to intervene.

Our clinician (who is also a school psychologist in the Douglas County School District) can give you “insider information” on how to move through the DCSD system most efficiently to make sure your child gets the attention they need.

This is not a path to walk alone, allow us to walk with you.