If you are reading this page, you have concerns for your child or a professional has suggested that they are concerned for your child. Either way, you’re probably feeling afraid. Envision can help you move out of fear to be able to take steps forward.

First, we gather information. We’ll meet with you (the parent) to hear about what you and others are seeing in your child’s behavior. We’ll then set up one or two testing sessions with your child to conduct a cognitive test (the WISC-V) and a behavioral observation test (the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule aka ADOS-2). We’ll also have you and other caregivers fill out checklists that give us information about your child’s behaviors as compared to others their age and gender.

Second, we compile the results. Accurately diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) requires taking a good deal of information (some of it contradictory), considering factors that aren’t always considered, and consolidating it into an explanation that makes the most sense. We’ll explain the results in a comprehensive report for you to use as you find helpful.

Third, we provide recommendations for next steps. If your child does not meet the criteria for an ASD diagnosis, we’ll give ideas on how to address the behaviors that brought up concern. If your child does meet the criteria for an ASD diagnosis, we’ll offer guidance on what to do next and how to make the most of the resources available to your child. ASD is not uncommon (the Center for Disease Control reports that ASD occurs in 1 of every 59 children) and there is help!

Envision current offers ASD Evaluations for children 3 years old and up.