Many adoption agencies require couples to obtain a psychological evaluation in order to move forward with the adoption process. We’d love to help you out with this requirement!

Depending on scheduling, there are two or three sessions involved in an adoption evaluation:

  • The first session is an interview where both spouses will be asked questions together as well as separately. These questions are standard as well as specifically formulated based on the information required by your adoption agency.
  • The second session (or a continuation of the first session) includes a 1 ½-hour to 2-hour session during which you’ll both take a very long true-false test.  It’s called the MMPI-2 and is an industry standard for personality assessment. This gives your agency information on how you handle emotions, how you relate to others, how you see the world, etc.
  • The third session is a feedback session during which your clinician gives you the results of the testing and anything that your adoption agency requires (e.g. recommendation letters, notarization, etc.).

If you have any information about what the adoption agency requires, you can email it to our testing department: