Trauma and Beliefs

Having a history of trauma leads to some predictable difficulties in life.  This post is to help you understand some of the thought processes you may be experiencing and give some tips on how to move forward. Thoughts and Beliefs All humans make sense of their experience.  Sometimes we know that we are doing it, but sometimes…

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Abusing the Term “Abuse”

One benefit of being in the mental health field for a couple of decades is the ability to step back and notice large-scale changes over time. One change that stands out is a tremendous increase in the use of the word abuse or abusive.  Historically, the term abusewas reserved for the most grievous actions against a person’s dignity – sexual abuse…

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CRU Huddle on Technology

Parent Resource: Technology Usage by Teens

Envision recently participated in a panel discussion designed to help parents navigate today’s world of technology, smartphones, Instagram, etc, etc, etc. These are various resources that we’d suggest checking out if you’d like further information. Watch the Recording! You can now watch the entire video recording of the panel. Books Every Parent’s Guide to Navigating…

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